On the Concord and Merrimack

An interactive installation inspired by the travels of Henry David and John Thoreau.

HD transfer of chemical-treated 16mm film, alpha wave activity, cotton muslin, 5.1 sound, 2018

UFVA New Media Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN, 2019* (Runner-Up: New Media)

otic. Radio, Cologne, DE, 2018

VMA MFA, Boston, MA, 2018

Deer Island

Exploration of the history of a place through sight and sound.

bleach-treated 16mm, 4 minutes, 2017


SENSES at Fort Point Theatre Channel, Boston, MA, 2019
Visible | Invisible, Paris, FR / Grenoble, FR / Barcelona, ES / Buenos Aires, AR, 2019
AgX at the Revolutions Per Minute Festival, Boston, MA, 2019
Afterdark, Boston, MA, 2018
EC Experimenta, Boston, MA, 2017
Temporal Tempura, Boston, MA, 2017


Vom See bis du (shining) See

audio map of Rhine River, 57 minutes, 2017

installation documentation, 2 minutes, 2017

KHM Rundgang - Flexzone 3, Cologne, DE, 2017

Radio Alarm, Cologne, DE, 2017


Applies the language of visa-free travel to the raw numbers of a decade of US foreign policy, with each frame and layer a civilian casualty in the “War on Terror."

4K, 10 minutes, 2017

UFVA at MCAD, Minneapolis, MN, 2019

perception decay

A test of the resiliency of aged physical material and outdated ideas. Employing found footage examples of 1970s commercialism and colonialism, the artist immersed film strips in bleach and water (and a bit of vinegar) to varying degrees, at times removing color while also ‘lifting’ granular bits off the film and allowing them to resettle and serve as a canvas for new possibilities of color. 

digital transfer of direct animated 16mm film, 2 minutes, 2017

Shaking the Frame: Experimental Film from AgX Collective, Worcester, MA, 2019

2017 Alt Film Fest, Boston, MA, 2017