My Song 10, audio, 2 min, 2024
Project 7, audio, 1 min, 2021
theremind (pre-alpha), interactive performance, 2019
to record the heart, interactive projection, 2019
electric perchloric acid test, 16mm transfer, silent, 3 min, 2018
star music, collaborative performance, 45 min, 2018
On the Concord and Merrimack, interactive installation, 16 min loop, 2018
Pure Tone, sound sculpture, 5 min, 2018
Rēnos, audio map and installation, 58 min, 2017
Deer Island, 16mm, 4 min, 2017
WHILE IN THE FOREIGN COUNTRY, video, 10 min, 2017
perception decay, 16mm, silent, 2 min, 2017
Anthem, audio, 9 min, 2016
How Candide was expelled from the most magnificent ranch in all the world., video, 3 min, 2016
stonybrook, audio, 8 min, 2016
China, audio, 2 min, 2016
h2o, audio, 3 min, 2016
TEDk: Konstellation, performance, 17 min, 2016
home, audio, 3 min, 2015
untitled, video, 2 min, 2015
ATTENTION WARNING, video, 1 min, 2014
ganga style, video, 7 min, 2014
SB 42, video, 2 min, 2012
stereotype, video, 1 min, 2011
The False Attractions of Adultery (with Carolyn Agis), 16mm, 6 min, 2008
waves (for monica), video, 2 min, 2008
An International Plea (with Carolyn Agis), video, 7 min, 2008
Novy Svět, 16mm, silent, 8 min, 2007
screen tests (with Carolyn Agis), 16mm, silent, 3 min, 2007
sídliště dialogue (with Rolando Garduño), video, 2 min, 2007
mating calls, video, 2 min, 2006
Local Honey, video, 98 min, 2003
NLM, video, 5 min, 2001
Starlite, video, 6 min, 2000
Naughty., 16mm video transfer, 6 min, 2000


Hypnotic Suggestions: Recent Works by the AgX Film Collective, Boston, MA, 2021
RECORDAR | to pass through the heart: A collaborative performance by VISION LAB, Cambridge, MA, 2019
SENSES at Fort Point Theatre Channel, Boston, MA, 2019
Hey! I have a bit of a show tonight, Boston, MA, 2019
UFVA at MCAD, Minneapolis, MN, 2019
New Media Exhibition: University Film and Video Association Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2019
AgX Visible | Invisible, Paris, FR / Grenoble, FR / Barcelona, ES / Buenos Aires, AR, 2019
AgX Shaking the Frame, Worcester, MA, 2019
AgX at the Revolutions Per Minute Festival, Boston, MA, 2019
MEASURE: A VISION LAB Performative Conversation with Frontiers of Human Understanding by Anna Von Mertens, Cambridge, MA, 2018
otic. Radio: I’m here, but now I’m not, Cologne, DE, 2018
VMA MFA, Boston, MA, 2018
Afterdark, Boston, MA, 2018
Not So Bright Film Series, Allston, MA, 2017
KHM Rundgang, Cologne, DE, 2017
Flexzone 3, Cologne, DE, 2017
Radio Alarm, Cologne, DE, 2017
Temporal Tempura, Boston, MA, 2017
EC Experimenta, Boston, MA, 2017
2017 Alt Film Fest, Boston, MA, 2017
Happening, Boston, MA, 2016
The Online Film Festival, The Hague, NL, 2009
Anifest, Teplice, CZ, 2009

FAMU International Screening, Prague, CZ, 2008
FAMUFEST, Prague, CZ, 2008
Cinemadance, Piran, SL, 2007
Austin Media Arts Council Showcase, Austin, TX, 2005


the last cinema, Founder/Programmer, Tangier, Morocco, 2022-2023
AST The Musical, Lighting Engineer, Tangier, Morocco, 2022
UFVA Conference Film Competition, Judge, 2020
Carol Fielding Student Film Grant, Judge, 2020
Hacking the Museum: Museduino Workshop, Participant, Cambridge, MA, 2020
Environmental Caucus: University Film and Video Association, Contributor, 2019
New England Graduate Media Symposium: DEFINING JOURNEYS, Panel Moderator, Boston, MA, 2019
Handmade Filmmaking Camp, Participant, Orcas Island, WA, 2018
New Media Caucus: University Film and Video Association, contributor, 2018
Afterdark Projection Festival, Curation/Tech Committee, Boston, MA, 2018
New England Graduate Media Symposium: UNSETTLING, Selection Committee, Boston, MA, 2017
Camden International Film Festival, Screener, Camden, ME, 2016
New England Graduate Media Symposium: ASSEMBLING BODIES, Selection Committee, Boston, MA, 2016
International Talent Campus, Consultant, Venice, IT, 2008
National Film Challenge, Judge, St. Louis, MO, 2006
Austin Student Digital Film Festival, Steering Committee, Austin, TX, 2006
South By Southwest, Youth Facilitator, Austin, TX, 2005-2006
South By Southwest, Panelist, Austin, TX, 2005
Youth Make a Film in a Day Festival, Organizer, Austin, TX, 2005
NAMAC Youth Media Leadership Institute, Delegate, Portland, OR, 2005


AgX Film Collective, 2018
University Film and Video Association, 2018
Audio Engineering Society, 2017


MFA, Film and Media Art, Emerson College, Boston, MA, 2018
Guest Student, Public Art, KHM - Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Cologne, DE, 2017
Certificate, Non-Fiction, FAMU - Film and TV School, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, CZ, 2008
BA, English, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2000